Listen and Speak Unit

The Unit with its individual therapy rooms and a group therapy lounge is a special place for children with hearing and speech disability.
The Unit has a mock house which creates a more natural environment for the children to learn.
We offer individual therapies and group therapy. The music therapy sessions are especially with the young hearing challenged kids.

The Unit is headed by Mrs. Geetha Prasanna, therapist working with deaf children for more than 25 years and she is one of the first few therapists trained in AVT. She has a team of Speech therapists who are Masters in Speech and Language. The unit has a Masters Audiologist who helps in mapping and regular assessments of the cochlear Implantees. The unit is complete with a Montessori teacher who helps in therapy as well as early education.

We hold regular workshops for parents for care and maintenance of implants.

Simplifying ENT

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