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Hearing disability in children [Dec 27 2015 : The Times of India (Bangalore)]
Can hearing disability in children be overcome? “Yes, with timely guidance and right support,“ says Lakshman, father of two young hearing-challenged boys. Dr Sheelu Srinivas, an ENT Surgeon and Cochlear Implant Specialist at Apollo Spectra Hospitals, says, “Hearing loss may not be a life-threatening condition, but it affects the normal growth process of a child, resulting in a compromised quality of life when they grow.“ Hearing is critical for speech and language development and hearing loss is the most common sensory deficit, affecting 6.3% of our population. About 9% of these are children, as universal newborn hearing screening is still not mandatory in India.

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Cochlear implant can transform kids’ lives
BANGALORE: Yash looked any other normal child, except that he wouldn’t react to his parents or elder brother when they’d call him. For the first eight months after his birth, parents Kishan and Pinky Agrawal, natives of Ambikapur in Chhattisgarh, attributed this to slow growth. But the truth fell like a blow when their physician told them that Yash was born with hearing disability and wouldn’t be able to hear naturally.

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DRDO to seek approval for clinical trials for bionic ear
Tests to ensure human body does not reject these implants completed; expected price about Rs.1-1.5 lakh

New Delhi: Bionic ears, or artificial hearing devices that are partly implanted under the scalp, could be made in India in the near future, bringing down their prices by nearly a sixth and benefiting thousands of people suffering from significant hearing loss.

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Dr. Sheelu Srinivas – Ent Surgeon
She was a volunteer with Spastics Society from 2009 till June 2013, worked for two years as a volunteer at Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health and is at present a honorary technical adviser for deafness at National Rural Health Mission. “My focus is on paediatric ENT. I work with the local Rotary where I screen children for deafness. I want to bring deaf children to the mainstream. The term ‘deaf and dumb’ is redundant’. I want children who are deaf to communicate. Children who are deaf are now determined to speak,” says Sheelu.

Dr. Srinivas says volunteering comes naturally to her. “It’s what I want to do, so I do it. Children are lovely to work with.”

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The dark side of the light
With ‘Deepavali’ almost here, Bengalureans are gearing up for the celebration and getting ready to burst crackers and light ‘diyas’. While many are staying away from crackers, there are some who will be celebrating the festival with full enthusiasm. However, there are some basic precautions that need to be followed for a safe ‘Deepavali’.

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Project on Infant hearing screeing

Pilot Project-Infant hearing screening at K.C.General Hospital in association with National Rural Health Mission to be launched soon. Project leader-Dr Sheelu Srinivas
The approval process is completed & training of healthcare professionals has just begun.This project is first of its kind on site program for hearing screening in babies in a government maternity hospital.All newborns will be screened before discharge & also parallel screening of infants will run in immunization clinic.

Workshop on Swallowing Difficulty i.e.Dysphagia

I had organized a workshop on swallowing difficulty i.e.dysphagia on 1st Feb. It was worth all the efforts I put in for the last one & half months. Indian Speaker Dr Jayakumar Menon’s talk was taken very well by the audience. I am still getting phone calls from ENT’s & Neurologists -thanking me for getting him to Bangalore. The U.S.faculty Dr Shirit Yarkony also presented her work which can be a good addition to dysphagia diagnostics & management.

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Sialendoscopy & management of salivary gland diseases.

I attended International workshop on Sialendoscopy recently. It was very interesting to learn the new approach to salivary gland diseases.

Sialendoscopy is a new procedure, aiming to visualize the lumen of the salivary ducts and their pathologies. The first reported attempts to visualize the ducts were conducted in the early 1990s.

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Simplifying ENT

Dr. Sheelu's first E-book for her patients Ear Care - Download Now!

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