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I would like to thank you to operate Mahi Tibrewal – my niece. We have been in consultation with you for past 9 months. You have handled this case amazingly well. You kept us educated on all facts, risks and complications as a Doctor but your personal touch is what makes it special. This is heart touching. I mean it. Thanks and really appreciate your help.

I hope we will work together to get her voice back and make her an extraordinary person.

Subhash Tibrewal

Its been six months that my daughter started to hear sounds and we can see tremendous improvement after her Implant.As we are going to Dr.Sheelu’s Cochlear Implant Center for her therapy where with the support of an enthusiastic and dedicated therapiest and the other team members i can see the difference.

We have group music sessions with the different themes and almost all the festivals are celebrated at the center.

In short i can say that we have proved that “Great partners aren’t born they are made

Deepesh Sharma

I am very pleased to write a review and wholeheartedly give Dr. Sheelu Srinivas and her Implant Centre a 5-star rating alike.

My DNS operation and the subsequent post-op care was performed and looked after beyond perfection under her. This helped me sail through my medical referral for an Army selection and even the specialists there stated that an “outstanding work” has been done and healing has been smooth.

In short i would highly recommend Dr. Sheelu Srinivasan for her calibre, compassion and finesse.

Nishanth shyamsunder

It was a pleasure working with Dr. Sheelu Srinivas.

She believes in excellence and quality of services.It gives me great joy to see such a dedicated centre catering to needs of children with hearing impairment.

Vineetha Philip

Thank you Dr Sheelu,

Great treatment and quick recovery from tonsil surgery for our kid. She patiently answered our questions and put our son totally at ease. Complete satisfaction with outcome.
Sreekumar KS

Dr Sheelu Srinivas is a very caring Doctor. She loves kids and is making lots of efforts to put sound in the life of deaf children.

Siddhartha Ahluwalia

Dr. Sheela is very good doctor who diagnosed my son within no time. She was very patient to hear our views and gave lot of inputs for my son’s overall development.

Venkat Nikkam

From diagnosis to surgery, Sheelu mam helped us both as good doc & good person!!

Sachin Kamkar

Dear doctor ,

My mother Mrs. V.Jeyalakshmi had a consultation with you during month of june at fortis for her loss of smell. I am extremely happy now she has completely recovered and got back her sense of smell and she is feeling very good now.

Thanks for your kind and excellent care and my mother personally wants to thank you.


We want to thank Dr Sheelu Srinivas for helping us curing many problems related to ENT. Here are some of the good experiences with her.

Case 1. 3 years back, when we relocated to Bangalore from Hyderabad, it was very difficult for my wife to survive because of cold whether (of course she was having cold allergies). She was affected by cold very badly and especially continuous sneezing and nose blockage 24X7. We consulted Dr Sheelu and the way she treated her, was amazing and believe me, my wife feel normal now since past 2 years. Thank you Dr Sheelu.

Case 2. We had a plan to go to hill station but before 4 days, somehow I got cut in my right ear and it was severely infected. We lost hope that we were unable to visit there though we had booked hotels, etc.

Again, I visited to Dr Sheelu and again the way she treated was amazing and on 3rd day, I was completely cured. What a treatment doctor!

We would like to thank Dr Sheelu Srinivas for her friendly behaviour and excellent treatment.”

– Shruti & Abhik

Respected Doctor Sheelu Srinivas,
I and my wife thank you very much for operating my daughter for her breathing or can say adnoidal gland Surgery.

Thank you for your services and precious time offered to my daughter Vrinda Patel.

– Regards
Prashant Patel.

This is a “Thank You” note to my dear doctor and friend Sheelu!

I had a major problem with my ear; I have been suffering but never took it very seriously. One fine day, my husband asked me to go to and consult a doctor. I happened to meet Dr.Sheelu; she was very clear with what needs to be done. She explained us and also advised us that in case we need to take any second opinion we can; I did go to Manipal hospital and they also advised me for operation. I went whole heartedly to Dr.Sheelu and she operated me in the year 2007. I do not have any complaint in my ears since then. She is not only a knowledgeable doctor but a good human too and she CARE’s!

Dr. Sheelu, you are the best!

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