ENT Services

Dr Sheelu’s ENT & Cochlear Implant Center, Services Offered are as follows:

    • General ENT.
    • OPD based diagnostics including nasoendoscopy & nasolaryngoscopy.
    • Ear microscopy.
    • Swallowing assessments including FEES.
    • Comprehensive hearing assessments including BERA/ABR.
    • Newborn Hearing Screening.
    • Preemployment Screening.
    • Specialised services for Cochlear Implantees include pre implant counselling ,post implant mapping & assessments.
    • Speech therapy for voice disorders.
    • Speech & Language assessments.
    • Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT) for the hearing impaired child habilitated with hearing aids or cochlear implants.
    • AVT will include individual therapy ,group therapy & field trips.

Opd diagnostic

General ENT check:

  • Nasal endoscopy for grading of adenoids in children.
  • Nasolayngoscopy for diagnosis of airway & swallowing problem.
  • Evaluation of hoarseness of voice in kids.
  • Nasolaryngoscopy for voice problems,to rule out lesions/tumor of ENT & larynx in adults.
  • Ear Microscopy for diagnosis of safe /unsafe ear.
  • Evaluation of patients with tinnitus[noises in the ear],hearing loss & dizziness/vertigo.
  • Evaluation of sleep disordered breathing or sleep apnoea.


Surgical work


Specialise in Otology including mastoid surgeries & Cochlear Implants.

Advanced Endonasal Surgery

Sinus surgery FESS[Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery], Patients with complex problems as extensive Nasal polyps or lesions involving the orbit, optic nerve & brain fluid leak (CSF) are the candidates for the minimal invasive advance technique of FESS[Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery].

Pediatric ENT

We offer following services for children

  1. Outpatient based nasoendoscopy : For Adenoid grading.
  2. Outpatient based Laryngoscopy: For voice change, noisy breathers.
  3. Swallowing Assessments in children.
  4. Complete Audiological diagnostics in children including BERA.
  5. Speech Therapy and Auditory Verbal Therapy.

Simplifying ENT

Dr. Sheelu's first E-book for her patients Ear Care - Download Now!

Useful ENT Presentations